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We are family

This weekend sees our first weekend away as a new family. We’ve been away before visiting both sets of grandparents (both at opposite ends of the UK), but this time it’s just us – Mum, Dad and baby. I’m feeling strangely confident and am about to call the hotel to find out what sleeping arrangements they have for a nearly 5 month old baby. I’m assuming they have cots and stuff? Gawd knows.

I wonder how it will work? We’ve got dinner included in our tariff which means we’ll have to take the baby with us to the restaurant. I’m guessing this is OK? Hmm, my confidence is slipping with each word I type.

I am gathering the items we need to take. For my childless readers, here’s what it looks like (this is just for baby):

  • Buggy + rain cover
  • Car seat
  • Baby Bjorn (baby carrier)
  • Sling
  • Clothes (there is a separate list for this)
  • Sleeping bag x 2
  • Nappies + changing stuff (cotton wool, wipes, nappy bags, etc)
  • Bibs
  • Muslins
  • Breast pump + bottles
  • Medicines + syringes
  • Dummy x 2
  • Bubble bath + thermometer
  • Bedroom lamp
  • Blanket x 2
  • Nail clippers

I suspect this list will get bigger once I start packing, but you get the idea. There is LOTS.

And to anyone who happens to be in the same hotel as us this weekend – and in the room next door – we are very sorry for ruining your peaceful getaway.

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Jumping on the blogwagon

Wow, it’s only taken nearly 12 years of working for internet businesses, a boyfriend and father of my baby who is a dot com pro/entrepreneur, a facebook profile, and two twitter profiles to finally get around to starting my very first blog.

I’ve not done it before because I’ve never thought I’ve had anything decent to say, and you might argue I still don’t, but hey, my circumstances have changed a little and now it feels like a good time.

I wonder what will happen next?

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