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Baby’s first Christmas

Before the festivities, lots of friends and family were wishing us a brilliant first Christmas together, after all, it’s quite an occasion isn’t it? “The first Christmas” – the first for the baby, and the first for us as a brand new family.

Of course I was looking forward to it, I mean it’s the first time I’m a mum at Christmas, and the first time I was part of another family besides my own. my partner and I aren’t married, but because we now have a baby together, I really do feel like I have a much bigger family now.

I was also full of anxiety about it. Our families live at opposite ends of the country so that meant having a ‘pre-Christmas Christmas’ with my family, then having ‘Christmas Christmas’ with my partners family. We had it that way around this year because we spent last year with my family, and well, it was just easier to do it that way. Also, we don’t live anywhere near either family, so it meant two big car trips, with presents, and our 5 month old baby. Argh.

As it happened, it all went very well. We got to both family homes in one piece and with all presents in tact. And despite the seven hour (!) car journey to the in-laws, our little boy coped brilliantly. The baby was obviously the main attraction with both visits, and Christmas really did feel more magical with a baby in the house.

Santa baby

My anxieties were around the things that only a mum needs to have anxiety about… Will feeds change? Will he settle in both places ok? What if he cries all the time? What happens if he gets ill? What if the in-laws or my own family take over and ‘know best’? All these worries (and more) really didn’t need to have taken up any of my head space because it was all fine, but you just can’t help it, can you?

We had a lovely first Christmas together, and our son was showered with presents galore – everyone was so generous. But, I have to say, now I am enjoying a bit of peace and getting back to muddling through like we did before.

Here’s to 2012!

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We are family

This weekend sees our first weekend away as a new family. We’ve been away before visiting both sets of grandparents (both at opposite ends of the UK), but this time it’s just us – Mum, Dad and baby. I’m feeling strangely confident and am about to call the hotel to find out what sleeping arrangements they have for a nearly 5 month old baby. I’m assuming they have cots and stuff? Gawd knows.

I wonder how it will work? We’ve got dinner included in our tariff which means we’ll have to take the baby with us to the restaurant. I’m guessing this is OK? Hmm, my confidence is slipping with each word I type.

I am gathering the items we need to take. For my childless readers, here’s what it looks like (this is just for baby):

  • Buggy + rain cover
  • Car seat
  • Baby Bjorn (baby carrier)
  • Sling
  • Clothes (there is a separate list for this)
  • Sleeping bag x 2
  • Nappies + changing stuff (cotton wool, wipes, nappy bags, etc)
  • Bibs
  • Muslins
  • Breast pump + bottles
  • Medicines + syringes
  • Dummy x 2
  • Bubble bath + thermometer
  • Bedroom lamp
  • Blanket x 2
  • Nail clippers

I suspect this list will get bigger once I start packing, but you get the idea. There is LOTS.

And to anyone who happens to be in the same hotel as us this weekend – and in the room next door – we are very sorry for ruining your peaceful getaway.

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